Lincoln Science and Innovation Park has established a Code of Conduct, in line with UK Government Working safely during COVID-19 in Offices and Contact Centres Guidance Note (11/05/20), to keep our staff, tenants and visitors safe. This Code of Conduct applies to all common and landlord areas of the Science Park under the control of Lincoln Science and Innovation Park and has been adoped by many of our tenants for their leased areas where they have not put in place alternative or enhanced measures. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this Code of Conduct before visiting the park and check for any specific additional rules before entering specific buildings, rooms or areas (such as laboratories).

To support the effective operation of our Covid19 safety measures, we are publishing a number of documents pertaining to the common/landlord areas of Lincoln Science and Innovation Park, principally the Boole Technology Centre;


Building and Process Amendments to Create a Safe Working Environment

Covid19 Safe Workplace Certificate

Covid19 Risk Assessment

Cleaners' (Swallow Cleaning) Risk Assessment


If you have any concerns or comments regarding the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park response to Covid19, please contact

Thank you for your co-operation and stay safe.