• Fact No. 1

    The first World War One tank, Little Willie, was developed in Lincoln by William & Foster and Co.

  • Fact No. 2

    In 2016, Lincolnshire was declared one of the Top 10 best places to settle down in the UK.

  • Fact No. 3

    Lincoln mathematician, George Boole, developed Boolean algebra, the basis of all digital technology.

  • Fact No. 4

    900 Year old Lincoln Cathedral was called 'the most precious piece of architecture in [Britain]' by John Ruskin

  • Fact No. 5

    Sir Isaac Newton was born in Lincolnshire and developed many of his most important theories in his Lincolnshire home.

  • Fact No. 6

    There are more than 40 pubs, 10 hotels, 10 gyms and dozens of cafes and restaurants within 1 mile of LSIP.

  • Fact No. 7

    General Sir William Joseph Slim opened Europe’s largest foundary on the site that now houses LSIP in 1950.

  • Fact No. 8

    The Lincolnshire naturalist Joseph Banks accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage.

  • Fact No. 9

    George Boole was the inspiration for Sherlock Homes' nemesis Professor Moriarty.


Lincoln Science and Innovation Park was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between the University of Lincoln and the Lincolnshire Co-op.

It represents the only site in Lincolnshire dedicated to science, innovation and R&D across both commercial and public sectors. 

Making use of the old Ruston Bucyrus headquarters, LSIP developed it's first state of the art laboratories to accomodate the University of Lincoln Schools of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Life Sciences in the Joseph Banks Laboratories.

LSIP is now developing the Boole Technology Centre, to provide the same high quality of facilities to the commercial and industrial sector.

University of Lincoln

One of the UK’s newest universities, the University of Lincoln recently broke into the UK Top 50 and has a reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation.


Lincolnshire Co-Op

The Lincolnshire Co-op is one of the most prominent businesses in the county. Not only is it a retailer but an investor in the people and economy of the area.